What We Believe In

Our approach is based on the belief that managing IT in many respects is like running a business, and that our CIO clients need to organise well, spend wisely and create value for their customers, both internal and external, by adopting good business practices.

We are far more concerned with the quality of our work, and in achieving business outcomes for our clients, than the mere execution of a process.

We are truly independent, and have no prejudice or intent other than to provide advice which is genuinely in the best interests of our clients, even if that means turning down work.

The image below sums up what we believe in on one page: (click image to enlarge)

At the centre sits The Business of IT, and the services we provide across the full IT lifecycle. Whether creating Strategies for IT, assisting IT Organisation Transformation, or Technology Enabled Business Change, we focus on getting the right result for our Clients, working closely with them, their internal IT teams and 3rd party suppliers to deliver sensible solutions that will achieve lasting benefits.

Our behaviours are best summed up by Jung’s Doing, Knowing, Thinking, Being framework:


We are obsessed with Quality, and:

  • Deliver the right outcome
  • Leave a better legacy
  • Long track record
  • Punch above our weight
  • Commitment to clients long-term interests
  • Delivery success and quality work
  • Prepare the ‘solution for the business’ and the ‘business for the solution’
  • Hit the ground running.

Some facts

Differentis played a pivotal role in multi £Bn programmes in the global information services and energy industries. We also have successfully ‘fixed’ a number of big failing programmes.


We are always rooted in the real world:

  • We teach old tricks to new dogs
  • Expert knowledge of our trade
  • Judgement – make sense of situations
  • We understand the business of IT
  • Experience of demand and supply
  • We know what works.

Some facts
Differentis is used as a ‘trusted advisor’ by VC firms  during due diligence deals.


We always strive to do the right things the right way:

  • Try to do the right things for our clients … and do them right
  • Try to do the right things for our staff… and do them right!
  • Providing a team, not just talented individuals
  • A refreshing alternative to others
  • Long term relationship with firms and people
  • Motivating, open and engaging with our clients
  • We are obsessed with delivering the right outcomes for our clients
  • Integrity
  • We care!

Some facts

  • Differentis has ongoing continuous client relationship of 8 years
  • Differentis has longer term trusted client relationships of a decade old where we continually get asked back
  • Our consultants have many years of experience of working with senior executives in client organisations.


We are always practical and pragmatic:

  • Making sense of trends
  • Understanding the impacts of Consumerisation & ECM
  • Insight into real business situations
  • Foresight on the right way forward
  • Seek out new and better ways of doing things
  • Expert use of other experts
  • Clear points of view.

Some facts

  • Differentis first worked on ‘consumerisation’ projects a decade ago
  • Differentis can ‘tap into’ a network of ‘gurus and visionaries’
  • Recent viewpoints include Consumerisation of technology; Mobility; Enterprise portals; Service Centres; and Smart sourcing.
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