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Consumer technology: Mobility

By Mark Helme

Date 19 December 2010 Tags ,

We’ve been talking for a few months about how to manage the consumerisation of IT, and what that means for the IS organisation (balancing choice and the need for security for example).

It does seem to us that there is one well established consumer technology still underutilised by corporations, both internally and in the way they deal with their customers: mobility.

Although creating the 3G network came with a $100bn tax bill (yet to be recouped) mobile continues to advance apace. Smart phones have larger screens, better web browsing capabilities, and longer battery life; faster network speeds and ‘all you can eat’ data packages mean that mobile usage encompasses more than just voice and text services.  However, the way forward is not obvious. Just putting a brochure on-line didn’t exploit the capabilities of the internet (think of Amazon’s feedback, reviewers, and recommendations); just putting on-line services onto a mobile device isn’t exploiting the peculiarities of mobile either. It needs rethinking to make a big difference.

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CIOs face major transformation

By Mark Helme

Date 19 August 2009 Tags ,

Over the last 40 years, Information Technology, and the ways in which it has been deployed and managed have gone through several discontinuous eras in which significant changes to the business model and IT leadership have been made.

They are discontinuous because they did not grow naturally out of the previous era, but emerged often due to the development of some new technology that was not predicted. The next era we are seeing will also require a dramatically different approach and rethink.

Will businesses and CIO’s be prepared and able to rise to the challenge of this major transformation? What’s changing and why?

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