The Business of IT

Managing IT is in many respects like running a business.

The CIO, and functional heads within the CIO’s team, have a market (their internal customers) they have to understand and satisfy, and they have to procure, organise and deploy resources (the supply side) to meet that demand. This involves understanding how cost and value intersect, and how services can be created and delivered to predictable and acceptable levels of performance.

Our framework is depicted below:

We use this framework to assist IT Leadership Teams assess and transform some fundamental, interconnected activities:

  • Managing customer relationships;
  • Collaborating with partners;
  • Managing suppliers;
  • Managing the delivery of products and services;
  • Meeting financial targets;
  • Building an effective organisation and leadership team.

 We help improve the Business of IT by assisting organisations build and adopt good business practice, such as:

  • Building professional disciplines to make IT accountable to and supportive of the business;
  • Creation of support processes (systems, information, processes) like other parts of the business;
  • Go to its internal market, and be accountable to it;
  • Stay on top of its market;
  • Tell its customers what to expect;
  • Create demand, not just respond to it;
  • Procure and configure services (not just kit), which requires a services architecture;
  • Think through periodic make vs. buy decisions.
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