Change Programmes

Why do Change Programmes Fail?

Most organisations apply project or programme management methods to their initiatives, but any search on the Internet will report that anywhere between 30% and 70% of projects and programmes fail, or are significantly challenged!

Our experience is built from several hundred man years of effort in delivering change programmes, and turning round those in difficulty. We have found that there are generally 5 reasons programmes fail:

  • Unable to sustain executive confidence for the duration
  • Conflicts between the programme and business as usual
  • Business is not ready to accept programme deliverables
  • Business and programme objectives diverge
  • Compromises are made leading to sub-standard outcomes

Differentis Approach

We have built a highly successful approach, applicable at any stage of the project / programme lifecycle, that focuses on resolving and avoiding these failure reasons, by creating a programme triumvirate:

This triumvirate is fully aligned and works as a team to ensure that not only can a quality technical solution be built for the business, but it is the right technical solution, and the business is fully prepared and ready to adopt it. The programme manager orchestrates the teams, working to ensure that risks, issues, changes, concerns from whatever origin can be handled and resolved efficiently and effectively.

Conditioning for Success

We set out and agree a set of success factors when working with our clients, that we have found make a huge impact on the likelihood of success (or recovery) of the programme. They seem simple when written down but are extremely important:



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