Our Approach

We believe that ‘joining up’ Strategy, Implementation and Operations is key to realising true value from IT.

Our experience covers the range of IT management disciplines, from strategy to project management and organisational design. We bridge the gap between Strategy Consultancy firms and large Systems Integrators, helping to preserve value from strategy through implementation to operations.

Our heritage, skills, experience and beliefs are embodied in a set of services which seek to address the disconnects through maintaining in balance the needs, impacts and outcomes of all three areas.

Key Features of Our Approach:

  • Think holistic: consider both business and technology sides simultaneously
  • Be focused: take sensible, no-nonsense approaches to focus on the real issues quickly
  • Iterate: take a rapid broad view; then focus on “hot spots” that have the most impact in an ambiguous environment
  • Adopt proven frameworks: pre-fabricated, structured templates achieve robust results quickly
  • Rely on judgement: deploy qualified people with years of experience who can interpret the data correctly
  • Stay flexible: re-plan in the light of emerging trends and key findings
  • Smart use of client staff: Workshops and Hothouses, not secondments
  • Visualisation: avoid death by PowerPoint
  • Stakeholder management: keeping everyone close and informed
  • Smart planning/working: avoid slavish methodology
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