Transformation Programme

The Client

A global corporation.

The Challenge

The Client was about to restructure its provision of connectivity to its clients and internally, which involved both divestment and outsourcing of telecommunication provision and management, in a deal estimated at over £2bn.

This massive programme required the definition of new processes as well as a significant systems integration effort by both the client and the Telco.

The Work

Carry out Discovery to enable development of principles, assumptions, constraints, role of the service provider, and commercial drivers, leading to a plan and options.

Define and implement systems and processes required for network migration, including the development of a comprehensive resource plan for the migration, including capacity planning, connectivity provisioning, self-service upgrades, incident and fault management.

Define the administrative and financial processes (subject to the final business requirements) so that the Telco’s charges could be allocated appropriately to support MIS, financial accounting and legislative needs;

Provide integration between Telco and Client systems.


Substantial savings from a single IP network for 15,000 customer sites in 100 countries, reducing distribution costs through the increased use of satellite for distribution. Improved customer experience through simplified business processes and systems.


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