IT Department Audit

The Client

A Financial Service Company providing on-line services.

The Challenge

A fast growing business that provides on-line services to predominantly Business Customers wanted to understand how well the IT Operations part of the business was being run, and whether there were risks that the Board needed to understand better. External hosting services were provided, and there was some need to understand what the strategy for third parties in general should be.

The Work

We were engaged to carry out an audit of the business requirements, the technology requirements, and the organisation and skills of the people.

This was performed quickly, interviewing key members of staff to determine what processes were in place, and seeking corroboration where appropriate or available. We concentrated on factors visible to customers, processes and organisation most critical to business growth, and the business most critical to revenue and margin.

The team of 4 split up the work into Technology, Service Management, Security, and Business Strategy.


The Outcomes

A report was prepared and delivered to the CEO and then the Board. An agreed set of actions was minuted, and Differentis was asked 14 months later to undertake a follow-up audit.

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