ERP Benefits Case

The Client

A UK-wide firm.

The Challenge

A profitable and growing company, grown in part through acquisition, had multiple and diverse information systems (and processes), which were becoming unreliable and problematic. The client needed to understand their IT options, in the light of their growth ambitions.

The Work

A Strategy Consultant and Business  Architect (supported by a technical SME as needed) developed a Business Case to analyse the strategic options:

  • The risk of the current application suite
  • The ability of the current systems and operations to enable and support growth
  • The identification of key options, including implementing a new single system
  • The financial benefits of moving to each option
  • The operational and IT benefits of each option.

The Outcomes

The work identified significant tangible benefits from the implementation of an integrated set of systems (coupled with upgraded business processes) and substantial intangible benefits. The Client is now progressing, deciding on the software and the implementation partners.

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