Programme Review

The Client

The Client was an IT professional services company that operates in more than 50 countries.

The Challenge

A product based systems integration project was very late and showing signs of requiring up to an additional year of effort, causing severe customer dissatisfaction. This was the first time that the technology solution set had been implemented anywhere, and the project was reliant on COTS vendors. The Client urgently needed to validate if the technology could work, and understand options going forward.

The Work

Differentis reviewed the Technology Architecture, Business Requirements, Development approach and Project Management processes using our Brick Wall methodology. The Client’s Customer was based in Australia, with the Client having teams based in Australia and South Africa, which meant our review process had to be well orchestrated.


An Audit report was prepared and a management workshop run at which findings, recommendations, and a set of key remedial actions were presented, initially to the Client, and then to the Client’s Customer. Both the Client and Customer accepted the actions and put a plan of action in place.

We asked to review progress 3 months after our report, and found that all of the actions had been addressed, the project was back on an even footing, and relationships between the Client and Customer had significantly improved.

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